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Masha Fomitchova Shows me around Dumbo

As time is slowly running out I have wanted to see as many spaces around NYC as I can Times square, 911 Memorial, Coney Island, Chinatown, Meatpacking district, Bronx, Central Park and now Dumbo Brooklyn.

It honestly amazes me how many people can live in such close proximity to one another as well as only a few blocks away having a different cultural identity.

Getting the downtown 4 train after attending the casting for Harlem Fashion Week was somewhat of a long journey but at least the tube had air conditioning as the sun was beating down hard and fast!

With a 20 min walk over to the Dumbo area near the underside of Brooklyn bridge we found a sign that said "Do not climb the rocks" ... So of corse we did no such thing to shoot and get this stunning background.

Yet with so much heat it was short lived and dashed to some nearby shade. We must have found the perfect day for photography however as while we were shooting on the street two wedding groups blocked the road to have photos with the charismatic buildings of Dumbo.

Then was the time to get my portable softbox out. And although it is a great pain to bring along on shoots that require so much walking it always gives me the result I'm looking for.

Some clever dodging between the cars and the softbox helping me to balance my exposure nicer with the bridge in the background we got this shot. I am however going to invest in some pocket wizards so my flash can talk to my Mark iii remotely so to utilise high speed sync to get a bit more drama in the sky.

But you got to work with what you got and with such a stunning upcoming NYC model like Masha it is very difficult to go wrong.

Check up soon as will attempt to do more of these write ups.

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Click this link to see the full set of images or the image below.

And hope everyone has a great day!


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