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Carlton Jones Collection Presentation l 08.06.16

So after an amazing night getting to photograph on a yacht called The Hornblower Sensation

(, ) and see the Statue of liberty up close and making some amazing contacts. The guests were drunk and the party boat was booming.

Big shout out to the boss and birthday boy Angel Fabian!

Having a free bar was great and to top it all off I was then asked to attend a low key fashion event where Carlton Jones would showcase his new collection in the Meatpacking district of NYC.

With, would you have guessed it a free bar! The models were on point and again the views were outstanding. Also met another photographer from France by the Name of Sophie to whom there will be big connections in the future. The main images are below on the flickr album.

With the sun so bright I was excited to see how far I can push my new 580 ex ii on high speed sync. The image on the right is an example of this where I exposed for the highlights and used HSS to fill in the shadows. By exposing for the highlights I was one able to get the background in, and two shoot at a crazy high shutter which freezes the bags movement.

Needless to say this is my new favourite thing :)

All the while I have been filming with my Go Pro so there will be more Vlogs on the way yet with 3 more fashion shoots already booked before I leave NYC it may well have to wait.

Check out links at the bottom of the page.

Sophie B Photographer -

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