Edward Taylor

Edward “Dread” Taylor is much in demand for his ‘experience' of a photographic session, which is all about creating something unique and of beauty.  


From an early age Edward had been fascinated with cameras and the editing process. With his father filming wedding videos to his auntie running a successful PR company in London Edward was always destined for success.

Finding his photography passion in Celebrity, Fashion and Music culture  he uses his personality to get people to open up and show a completely unique side to the camera.

He also works with composites as he feels this allows him to create an original world without limitations of physical locations.  His works has featured on television and in the press.

It was with the classical chart topping pianist Emmanuel Vass he created an image that asked a lot, not just of Manny but of the onlooker; casting their eye over the image of the handsome pianist who transformed into the keyboard in what became controversial images.

In his own words Edward ‘shoots with his personality first and foremost’, and even gets the most camera shy to relax in front of his lens.

Edward is determined that his pictures tell a different story.  They therefore become pieces of art.  He is influenced by Banksy, whose works he finds literary.  “Banksy’s work makes you think.  You have to study what he’s painted and that draws you in further.  I hope that others can see what goes into my photographs and get drawn in too”, he adds.

Edward attended Coventry University where he read Media Production.  He is an ardent skateboarder and is known for his lengthy dreadlocks.


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Professional Fashion Photographer Edward Taylor

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