Weekend adventures with Dread Eddie

With a new Vlog number 9 comes a new set of images. With Christmas only just round the corner we thought we may as well get a model out in the cold just one more time :)

First off we shot with Metrik over at Phlash Worx (sorry you will have to wait to see those images! then headed over to a secret location with our support photographers Seweryn and Harriett and recruited the help of Katie Fashion blogger and model and Dan the all round stunt man.

The sky was overcast and had a beautiful amount of light pouring into the building which helped in a big way to great some stunning lighting qualities to work with!

Make sure to see the video for the full behind the scenes on the Dreadie Eddie YouTube and enough some rough edits below to get you started for now until we make out final choices :)

Studio shoot - https://www.facebook.com/metrikmusic/?fref=ts

Katie Model Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/katyv_x/

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