The Enemy @ The Empire 17.09.16

A long time coming, and a long wait for the people of Coventry to see their home grown band, The Enemy to play the delayed show last Saterday.

The Empire is one of my favourite venues to photograph live music in. Great lights and excellent sound. Such a difference from when the building was a pool hall a few years ago.

The crowed was very quickly warmed up by the support acts. With band April killing it as always as they often have on this Farewell tour. As always making sure I grab a close up of George Cooke before he jumped off stage as I only just managed to catch the last two songs of their set. Check out Aprils music here!

I have photographed The Enemy a few times and not just in Coventry however there is something truly special when an audience is so engaged and proud of a band. There were some very strong and heartwarming moments when Tom Clarke thanked the audience for "giving a shit". And inviting the audience to dance until they shook the floor!

I knew this gig was going to be something special when the crowd started chanting "this song is about you" at the support act Prose before The Enemy even took to the stage !

With so many bodies moving around in the room it did get quite hot leaving the lenses that I kept in my bag pretty much unusable due to the amount of condensation that would quickly gather if I took it from my bag.

There was only but love in the room and a brilliant way of ending the tour. I for one am sad to see the band go as I know of the members personally, yet I don't think Coventry will be forgetting The Enemy any time soon.

See the full set of images at The Empire's Facebook here, and hope you enjoy the Replay video above !


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