Poor losers BREXIT

It just hit me,

There are some moments in your life where you loose something very important to you ... Say a job and in that moment you don't know how you will make enough money to get you through the next week.​

In that moment you can sit down and fire up Netflix. Or you can use the negative in the situation (fight or flight) and turn it into a positive. Personally I love these moments in life because they have taught me to have faith in the universe and myself because if you keep walking forward then you can, and will, become the person you have always wanted to be instead of being a bag packer at some big multinational company.

This is my view of Brexit, As a Nation we have become too stale and complacent. We have the same left wing communist people that hate big multinational companies crying that a democratic vote does not represent them, but in fact asking government to become orwellian and overthrow the vote of the people.

We are having fear and doubt fed down on us from both sides by main stream media that is owned by people who are much more likely than ourselves to loose out on money.

And we have every emotional argument under the sun being thrown at the vote leavers because they want to have the power to control our own boarders.

I tell you what people there are far more important things that money.

Furthermore I have no doubt that we may have a few hard times ahead of us however this is our moment of truth.

Do we give into the fear of losing out? Do we believe that we are all just filled with hate and have our narrative controlled for us? Do we want a seat at a table that has never cared what we have to say?

OR to we role up our sleeves stiffen our British upper lips and not just make BRITIAN great again but make the WHOLE WORLD GREAT AGAIN by showing love, hard work and good old grit and lead by example?

The EU was a nice idea guys however generations past have already fought wars against people that would want to rule us. Do we keep putting faith in these leaders or do we finally look at each other and put a bit of faith back in ourselves?

The unknown is where we as a nation can finally be honest with each other, The big positive is that it has got a generation of otherwise un engaged online generation in the field of public debate and no matter your view lets face head on the problems of the future together not matter your background and become the Britain we were always meant to be.

So long and thanks for all the fish <3

Thanks for taking the time to read, if you agree give a share if you don't, tell us why :)


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